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The latest release from the San Fernando Valley’s most prominent acid techno DJ, SFV Acid, is yet another full-length release spanning a multitude of genres. The most obvious being acid, of course, mixed with a cocktail of rooted electronic subgenres and completed with SFV’s (Zane Reynolds) sarcastic and maximalist sense of humor. As always, the album cover sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast to the multitude of electronic album releases. Hypercolorful and camp as fuck, it serves as a continuation of the off-kilter and frenetic music that’s been Zane’s trademark sound for over a decade now.

This album takes a bit more of a slower paced, drawled-out sort of vibe when not sporting the crazy textured acid bits. Tracks like “Sepulveda Concrete” and “Ocho” show the producer’s ability to create these rising bits of groovy hip-hop adjacent numbers that eventually descend into full Aphex Twin mode. FireZone’s strong points are its penchant for world building, being able to bring out the kind of wide open awe of a seemingly desolate place like the San Fernando Valley. Being a Valley kid myself, I admire Zane’s ability to accurately reflect the spirit of the area into some interesting and danceable music, while simultaneously not having the concept completely overtake the execution. I have to say the intro track is brilliant, with its warped-out entrance into the hot smoggy world of unending residencies and strip malls, completing with the on-the-nose quote, “Welcome….tothesanfernandovalley.”

Despite being a relatively underground artist, SFV ACID’s output is nothing short of impressive. The number of tracks he’s able to produce in a short span of time is admirable, with FireZone being his third release this year. His short-form EPs are equally as conceptual with some strong three-song-runs and he holds it down as an artist, steadily growing while not begging for the spotlight. Nineties electronic dance music is not an accurate representation of the current state of the San Fernando Valley scene, but in contrast to the mathy and garage bands that come out of the area, SFV Acid provides the most honest reflection of the Valley as a region. Listen below.