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Schwarz has led the Baltimore-based label Nina Pop since 2015 and finally put out his debut EP Everyday Is A Winding Road in mid-2016 featuring TT The Artist, Blaqstarr, and more. The whole EP has been a dance devastator since dropping this summer, with FACT Magazine naming the Blaqstarr collaboration “Take A Picture” as one of 2016’s best club tracks, but despite the EP’s precociousness, it’s been slow to gain media traction.

One of my favorite tracks from the EP was “Gimme Cash (I Want More)” with vocals from the enigmatic Kreayshawn, who’s gone beyond the fame of 2011 hit “Gucci Gucci” and is now even performing her own DJ sets under the moniker KJ$. She’s loose on the decks with what she plays, unafraid to take unexpected directions in the name of fun: I saw her slay at WERK LA earlier this year.

On “Gimme Cash (I Want More)”, Baltimore rhythm sprawl out of bassy pads, evoking the atmosphere of 1980s sci-fi movies, until tickling melodies rise as Kreayshawn delivers the simple but earnest mantras that drive the song.

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