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It’s a special day for San Holo: he’s headlining the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre later this evening and he just dropped his first standalone single of the year, “Lost Lately.” We last heard new music from him when he released his debut record, album1, late last year. San Holo continues to explore his boundaries on this single, approaching vocals and production with a delicate, personal touch. It’s both heartfelt and upbeat, creating an all-around delightful listening experience — it’s exactly what we’ve grown to expect from San. Here’s what he had to say about the single:

“Over the last few years great things have happened to me — I wrote and released my album, toured the world, people came out to my shows and sang along to my lyrics, all very big dreams of mine growing up. Performing on stage and having people connect to your music is beautiful, there’s nothing like it. But then what happens when that fantasy you’ve always dreamed about suddenly becomes real? And you re-live that fantasy over and over every night? Getting used to this lifestyle made me feel kind of lost. I think feeling lost is very common for people these days. We all set so many goals and everything is based on accomplishments. But what happens to your sense of purpose if you’ve suddenly reached that goal? For me, I started to feel lost. I had no real place to call home, no sense of what my next step would be, and no idea what happiness was anymore. That’s what Lost Lately is about to me. xo ~san”

Listen to “Lost Lately” below via bitbird.