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NEST HQ had the pleasure of catching up with San Holo to tell us about the history of his boundary-pushing bitbird label, which he describes as a collective that “looks for that piece of magic in a song, that moment you can’t really put into words.” If you’ve followed bitbird’s releases, or even just tuned into the San-hosted bitbird Radio show, then you know he continues to find that magic in every single release. How appropriate that San Holo’s NEST release from 2015 is called “We Rise,” because we now find San, whose real name is Sander van Dijck, three years later actively giving a platform to and collaborating with rising stars.

DROELOE, Marcioz, and recent collaborator┬áTaska Black on “Right Here Right Now” are just a few of the names bitbird has put on for over the past year, catapulting them into the spotlight and turning the label into a go-to for anyone looking for what we like to call future-classical electronic music. When we look back years from now at this era of culture and music creation, I believe there will be very little content that stands out as truly timeless: fortunately, this is not the case for San Holo and bitbird’s releases. As you’re about to see in our mini-doc, that moment of music-magic Sander so eloquently describes has cultivated a global fanbase with whom he has a truly extraordinary relationship.

Learn all about bitbird above and if you’re new to the label or just haven’t heard it yet, experience the magic of their annual Gouldian Finch compilation album here.