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If you’ve ever wondered how producers like jåmvvis, nymano, Quickly Quickly, and the rest of the sample-based hip-hop beatmakers produce their impeccable lo-fi tunes, now’s your chance to get your foot in the door. Thanks to Samplified, you can now have the sounds and specifics of “Lo-fi & Chill” music.

I will say, however, that sample packs tend to do more harm than good for burgeoning producers still trying to find their own voice. If utilized properly, for research perhaps, they can teach developing artists the fundamentals of a particular style. However, a handful of pack-hungry producers just replicate or (worse) use the exact sounds and just make a clone of what they’ve purchased.

That being said, the kind of music artists like Harris Cole and tomppabeats make isn’t hard to imitate but it is quite difficult to make your own. Lo-fi pocket grooves will forever sound amazing—like rain pattering on a window, or the gentle brushing of pages turning in a quiet library—but the last thing the world needs is a saturation of the sound.

Much like Batman’s cousin said to him on his home planet Krypton, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Explore this sample pack endlessly and learn everything you can, but work hard to let your own lo-fi music standout as unique.

Peep the demo produced by Quickly Quickly below and grab the pack now via Samplified.

148 Loops [Drum, Found, Music, Nature, and Vinyl]
99 Foley Percs
91 Nu School Percs
72 Kicks & Knocks
69 Snares & Claps
52 FX [Downlifts, Quicklifts, Uplifts, Impacts, and Misc FX]
45 Hi Hats
43 Vinyl Cuts [Chords, Piano, and Vox]
20 Other Percs
20 Pads
11 Bass Cuts
42 MIDI Progressions
20 Serum Presets
Ableton Project Files