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Sam Gellaitry has championed an impressive number of different musical styles, all of which are textured with his signature lo-fi saturation. Most notable and crowd-friendly is his trap driven beats, which have turned up clubs and bars that he’s not even old enough to enter.

Most recently, the 20-year-old beat maker delivered a release date for his upcoming project, escapism III, with a heavy-hitting single called “Ceremony.” This tune returns to the avant-trap Sam G formula that earned him his devoted underground following. Mixing erie progressions with illusive melodic rhythms, “Ceremony” manifests a maniacal, psychedelic experience that drifts you into hypnosis, then crashes down on you with a heavy drop. The perceptive duality of the fast-paced lead over half-time drums give the drop something I like to call the Avalanche Effect, where from one perspective it seems fast, and from another it seems slow, but from anywhere you know how heavy it’s hitting.

Keep an eye out for the EP set to release on April 7th.

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