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Even though we’re only a few months into the new year, Sam Binga has certainly claimed 2019 as his time to shine. Last month, he delivered a scorching hourlong guest mix packed with tracks new and old, including some new edits and IDs we’ve been waiting to get our hands on. His forthcoming If The Cap Fits EP is due out April 12th via Critical Music, and it features some pretty mind-blowing collaborations, including a tune with the beloved rapper Paul Wall (you can listen to that here) along with more exciting partnerships. One of our favorites off the EP, though, is a collaboration between two friends: Sam Binga and Halogenix. However, when I asked Sam about how this collaboration came to be, it seems as if they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in their relationship as of late:

“‘I’m An Adult’ came about as an attempt to squash the beef between myself and L (Halogenix). It didn’t work, as we still hate each other, but now we have to play shows together and spend further time in the studio making follow-ups and so forth. So fundamentally the whole thing was ill-conceived and has only served to further intensify the Hans Moleman-esque agonising pain in which I live every day.

If I recall correctly, which I try not to do as the whole experience was highly traumatic, this was the second thing we tried to make at his old studio somewhere awful in North London. First up we’d tried to be all mature and make some kind of interesting 140 number, but that was a complete failure, so when the idiotic but addictive main riff for ‘Adult’ appeared, we knew we had to take a deep breath, sigh, and lean into the stupidity – hence the title. A rough demo of the tune found its way to Thijs Noisia, who played it in his freestyle set at Let It Roll (I assume L paid him some kind of bung to make this happen), and the fact that it didn’t entirely clear the dancefloor just about gave us enough impetus to finish the accursed thing.

Annoyingly, and it gives me great pain to admit this, Laurence fairly well nailed the mixdown on this, and even more annoyingly, a bunch of reasonably big names from the US ‘bass’ scene seem to like the tune, so we’re both stuck playing and hearing it for the foreseeable future. Between this and Brexit, it’s been a pretty grim start to 2019.

Aww, come on, guys. Kiss and make up — this tune is fire. Binga’s right in that it definitely leans into the style of the US bass scene, but that just goes to show how versatile these boys can be when they let their creative juices flow. Listen to “I’m An Adult” below and be sure to buy EP here when it drops on April 12th.