This is our story...

The obscure Los Angeles-based duo of S280F and 011668 have been working closely together for a few years, creating abrasive and eerie tracks that are purposely off-putting in how spacious they are while also being grounded in a dance music atmosphere. Their latest 600 1 EP is almost pure dance, with the exception of the brooding noisy bits that serve as builds and break in the tracks, and of course the 15-minute-long closing track, “B,” that completely contrasts the mood of the record by being some of the most awe-inspiring ambient I’ve heard all year, twisting some extended reverbed piano into this beautiful soundscape.

This marks the first fully collaborative multi-track release from the duo, combining both their talents to further flesh out the universe in which this music is built for. The EP starts out with a couple of darkened footwork-inspired tracks that get overlayed by the ghostly style that the duo has carved out for themselves. The tracks are flanked by this high-end production and extremely textured sampling taking place in the higher frequency range, busy as hell and refusing to let up. While the music is shrouded in this air of mystery, there are some discernable influences and characteristics that ground the listener and keep it from being wholly noise. Various bass hits, samples, and familiar rhythms keep the album moving in a direction while still living in the world of a virtual demonic hellscape.

While the music on record errs more on the side of experimental and noise music, the live shows are these insane club nights that take on a life of their own, disrupting the space in which the show is performed. The duo utilizes visual art such as choreography, lighting, and costuming in the form of grotesque masks into a nebulous mixture of industrial dance music with some cryptic motifs of S&M and digital occultism overlaying it. It’s in these contexts where the vague narrative of the music comes to life, flipping the role of the DJ into something that’s much more involved and innovative. This EP takes us further into that world, realizing more themes and building the atmosphere into something more fulfilling, if only just for a second. Listen below.