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Force For Good, the upcoming LP from trombonist and arranger Ryan Porter, features an impressive list of jazz players within the Los Angeles scene, all of which are connected via various sessions and performances throughout their careers, adding to the camaraderie that’s heard on the record. This track, “Oscalypso,” starts off with a moderately gentle solo from Ryan Porter, eventually making its way to some of the most brazen trumpet licks I’ve heard on a jazz record in years. Jumaane Smith adds a frenetic intensity to his solo that threatens the very structure of the arrangement, pausing less for breath and more for effect. Worthy of note on this record is the production and mixing by Daddy Kev that gives the record a unique sound, stepping to the side of the Van Gelder standard and adding some deep reverb to parts of the rhythm section and keeping the acoustic bass thumping, hard yet dry, adding to the fullness of the record.

This LP serves as the follow-up to Porter’s debut album from last year, The Optimist, and shows his further imprint on the world of jazz, still fresh off sessions from the likes of Kendrick and Kamasi. Force For Good is set to drop on June 14th off Alpha Pup Records, with a dynamic tracklist that emphasizes soul and fusion inspired by the likes of Coltrane, Mandela, and Rotary Connection. “Oscalypso” endures as one of the calmer tracks on the album, with others going into straight-up noise solos and avant-funk rhythms, channeling the end of the ’60s. Listen below.