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In terms of next level producers, Royal is up there with the best. From singing on his own tracks to spearheading charitable projects (i.e., SoySauce) to producing for Panic! At The Disco and Kill Paris, the DC-native is on a quick yet organic rise up the ranks. His latest EP, Cycles, is proof of his forward-thinking sound and production mastery.

Cycles just got a bunch of revisions—enough for a full followup EP featuring the Moving Castle, LA-, and Detroit-based remix artists. Three of the four tracks on Cycles Remix EP are remixes of “Passenger”, while the latter fourth is of “Round 2” ft. Desktop. Hotel Garuda took on “Passenger” with their signature sounds of summer and adroit mastering, repurposing it for the beach and lowkey rooftop party. Jai Wolf was the second to remix “Passenger”. Per usual, his choppy vocals and energetic rise and fall afford it a unique place on the main stage of any summertime festival. Electric keys and pitch-bent arpeggios round his up nicely.

Lazerdisk collaborated with Dream Beach for their version of “Passenger”. Cute, melodic, and spacey, the cooperative rework sets a dreamier tone than the rest. The final remix of “Round 2” comes from Moving Castle’s Catt Moop. The synths are more elastic, the vocals pitched high and low, and the percussion more stochastic than the original.

We asked everybody on the EP for their thoughts on their individual remixes:

Chad, Lazerdisk
Umm sooo really we just kinda wanted to kind of take the song on its own little journey. When andy [of Dream Beach] wrote his parts it really helped reveal where the song was going to go, and it kinda just ends up at this nice peaceful land with pretty vocal harmonies by the end, and I’m really happy with how the song kind of brought itself to such a nice little place on its own. It was a really natural fit so that was really nice too.

Dream Beach
This one just naturally fell into place, piece by piece.  It sounds like a peaceful sunny day and I was in California at the time so the vibes were right and the homies found a jam to compliment Royals spirit.

Jai Wolf
Sometimes I take remixes too seriously so I really wanted to have fun with this track and try something different.

Chris, Hotel Garuda
Royal has been one of our close friends for a while and we were so excited to get the opportunity to remix one of his songs. Hope you guys enjoy listening to the remix as much as we did making it.

Catt Moop
I flexed out Desktop’s voice and then i took a break and watched drake at coachella livestream and then finished the song Hehehehehe

Shoutout DDR

Altogether, the remix pack is an impeccable display of all those within it and Royal himself. Catch more of Royal on SoundCloud and Twitter.