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Formerly known by his birth name of Wayne Goodlitt, London’s Roska has been a driving force in the city’s underground scene for years. Heavy UKG, grime, and bass influences comprise his uncommon style of house music, resulting in some spectacular and unparalleled dance tracks.

Roska is set to release a new six-track EP titled Askin’ 4 It early next month. Arriving early from the release is wonky cut “Make Way”. The track begins in a tribal fashion, with its drum pattern resembling the feeling of sitting in on a big drum circle and dancing around a fire.

As the piano riff comes to the forefront, you may find yourself tapping a foot along to the beat. The cherry on top is the sub-filled UK style bassline, which gives the track enough of an edge to get a packed club moving. “Make Way” is a hard one to pin down, so instead of getting caught up on genres take a listen and simply enjoy the sound.

Grab the Askin’ 4 It EP on April 8th and follow Roska on SoundCloud and Twitter. Shoutout Boiler Room for the debut.

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