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It’s a beautiful day to embrace high spirits and solid vibes, and that’s just what you’ll find in today’s installment of our Interview + MiniMix series. Behind the decks today is Rootkit, the multi-faceted producer from Oslo, Norway. He’s been part of the Monstercat family since 2014, delivering a plethora of styles through his distinguishable sound that ranges from feelsy downtempo beats to dancefloor-ready weapons. Catch a vibe in his exclusive mix for NEST HQ and learn more about the producer in the interview below.

What activity is this mix best suited for?

Studying, travelling, working out, just chilling, or anything, really. I hope people discover some music they like through the mix.

Can you speak a bit about your relationship with Monstercat? You’ve been part of the family for quite some time! What’s it like working with the label?

Working with Monstercat is great! The people working there are awesome. They have helped me a lot throughout the years and I would not be where I am today without them. Their fanbase is also awesome and I wanna give a huge shoutout to them for all the support.

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to dedicate it to music?

Probably around when I first started releasing music on labels. I was very young at the time and realised that this hobby could turn into something much greater. Seeing the impact the music had on some people was also very motivating. I’ve always had lots of fun just making music and want to continue doing that for as long as possible.

What artists or music trends are you currently obsessed with?

My music taste is all over the place, but recently I’ve fallen in love with drum and bass again. Been discovering some pretty great tunes in that genre and they always bring me back to earlier times when it was all I would listen to. Also, I loved Flume’s recent mixtape. It’s so creative and experimental which I love. I’ve listened through it way too many times.

What message would you like to communicate through your sound?

To make whatever you want in your own way and not be afraid to take risks. Music that sounds unique is what I love and what I want to make. Discovering unknown sounds, structures, and communicating that through music to the listeners is what I aim for.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the internet lately?

The internet itself is so weird these days that I find the absurdity of it all pretty funny. Other than that, those voice pitch vibrato meme videos are hilarious.

What’s your ultimate goal to achieve in your music career?

I would love to have my own proper studio and record label one day. A place where I can push forward-thinking music and art from good people and artists.


Rootkit – Summit
Lemaitre – Smoke
Rootkit – Dreams
Willaris. K – Dour Nights (Odd Mob Edit)
Go Freek – Love Is The Weapon (Odd Mob Remix)
DLMT & Paraleven – One Drink
Rootkit – Good 2 Go
Don Diablo & CID – Fever
Habstrakt – All Night
Dog Blood – Turn Off The Lights
Rootkit – ID
Rootkit – Take The Shot