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Roland Tings first grabbed my attention last year with a slew of EPs ranging from house to techno but all with the same fusion of South American influences and jungle feel. The Melbourne-based producer is starting off 2015 strong as hell with his self-titled debut album which comes out January 26th. To get ready, he’s teased us with one of the tracks titled “Pala,” which is just as weird and wonderful as his previous work.

“Pala” sees Roland using different sounds like whistles, analog synths and heavy snares to create a jungle-like atmosphere, with random fillips of sound and instrumentation making the track feel modern and organic all at the same time. Also not going unnoticed is Roland’s use of steel drums, which brings me back to those goldenĀ early French Express days.

Be on the lookout for the full LP later this month, and until then you can stream “Pala” down below.

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