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Anjunadeep is London’s own electronic imprint giving a spotlight to artists worldwide who fall into the category of soulful progressions and stripped-back harmonies. This week, Rodriguez Jr., who we saw at this spring’s CRSSD Festival, has been selected for their Deep Edition Mix Series. Born Oliver Mateu, the dance-oriented DJ and producer has been on the rise within the past six years for his eclectic talent in blurring the line between artist and crowd during live performances. Alongside this, Rodriguez Jr.’s previous 2017 album Baobab delivered a sensational breath of fresh air to the house genre. In an interview with Electric Groove, he explained, “Baobab is about my roots. I basically wanted to connect back with the energy I felt when I started producing… looking back over my shoulder helped me to understand who I am and where I want to go.”

The Anjunadeep Edition 213 with Rodriguez Jr. features an hourlong mix of synths, drum machines, and hints of acoustic undertones. With no attached tracklist, the mix fully immerses a multi-colored boom-clap voyage. Rodriguez Jr. doesn’t hesitate to set a hypnotic atmosphere as he builds atop each specialized tonal accent. By the 30-minute mark, the definition of a club experience is loose to the point where we are mentally drifting as easily as we are listening. Keys are also pulled into the mix to enhance this somewhat youthful feeling. 

Give Rodriguez Jr.’s Anjunadeep Edition 213 deep house mix a listen in full below. His remix for Eli & Fur can be heard within the mix as well. The official release is scheduled for tomorrow, so keep your ears open.