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Detroit’s Jimmy Edgar is a man of many talents. Whether he’s cranking out house and techno under his own name or getting experimental with Machinedrum for the JETS project, you can be sure whatever he puts out is worth a listen. Now, he’s taken things in an unfamiliar direction with his latest remix.

Tackling the single “Friend Lover” from London-based RIVRS, he transforms the soothing electro-pop original with his dark touch. The sound of his remix calls back to late 2000s era bloghaus with a nu-disco feel uncharacteristic of his usual styles. Rippling bass stabs carry throughout the song for a club-focused vibe and his addition of a 4×4 beat allows for easy mixing into a DJ set. He doesn’t change the vocals much, allowing them to float above the sounds he lays down.

The remix is unreleased as of this post, so for more follow RIVRS and Jimmy Edgar on SoundCloud.

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