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Following recent releases for Parisian institution Ed Banger Records, a huge collaboration with rising vocalist Meleka, and his own Battle Weapons free download series tailored for the dancefloor, the UK’s resident genre-blurring boy wonder, Riton aka Henry Smithson, announces a brand new EP for Nest.

Title track ‘I Am The Whisper’ finds Bad Guy Ri Ri in a darker, deeper mode than previous releases, with vaguely sinister, stalker-ish spoken word vocals from London-based singer/songwriter Molly Beanland peppering a propulsive beat and acid stabs. “I’m warning you, once we start we’ll never stop,” she threatens.

B-side ‘Dance With Moi’ punches hard from the get go, expertly melding techno, electro and house influences in true Riton style which he describes as “wilder with a frenetic, Jersey club-inspired beat.”


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