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Do you believe in magic? I’m not talking about spells or curses, but the kind of magic that exists in the ordinary, everyday aspects of our lives. The 19th century English poet W.B. Yeats is credited as saying “the world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” In comes REZZ, the 23-year-old Canadian producer from humble beginnings, who has had a certain kind of magic in the air around her since the start.

She made her debut in 2015, attracting the attention of Skrillex and releasing the Insurrection EP with us at NEST. The following year, she released two EPs on Deadmau5’s prominent mau5trap and played early afternoon sets at a staggering amount of festivals across the US that summer. Flash forward to 2018, and she’s headlining Coachella’s Sahara Tent. REZZ has a certain quality that transcends genres, attracting fans from bass music to techno, but also, electronic music as a whole, as she performs underground cuts in front of 50,000 people.

She’s unconventional in all natures, with a depth of integrity – to her fans, to her own sound, and to her vision. It’s this aberration which allowed the rapid ascension of her career to the upper echelon of dance music. Today, REZZ shares her second studio album, Certain Kind Of Magic, and demonstrates this commitment in a cohesive body of work that represents the complete manifestation of what defines her as an artist.

The album opens with “Witching Hour,” and sets the tone for the 8-track LP which resembles that of an eerie, supernatural Victorian era with parallels to the minds of Stevenson or Shelley, known for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein, respectively. Following is “H E X,” a collaboration with 1788-L, which runs forward and off the edge of a cliff into a dynamic wall of sound. She finds solid ground in “Flying Octopus,” and slows down the journey while continuing to build the haunting atmosphere. It’s interesting and worth note that these three tracks functioned as the three singles, and in this order of release. The first half of the album concludes with “Life and Death,” a collaboration with Deathpact that serves as one of the most memorable productions. Opening with the tick of a clock tower and phasing incongruent tones, the pair dodge expectations and present the unpredictable.

At the midway point sits “Spider On The Moon,” which presents a dichotomy between the robust, sub-bass characteristics and the rich, glistening melodic intonations. Throughout the album, each element is precise and purposeful, and demonstrates REZZ’s natural intuition on the equal importance of the absence of sound. Previous Mass Manipulation collaborators, Kotek and 13, return, with “Teleportal,” a jazz-influenced, cathartic emotional release that demands all attention and “The Crazy Ones,” which is the sole composition of the album in a major key and the manic realization of pure, sonic hysteria. Certain Kind Of Magic comes to a close with “Toxin,” an emo-inspired collaboration with Fytch that sounds nothing like what comes before it on the LP – almost as if REZZ said, “I’m going to make whatever I want. It’s all possible and real inside my head.”

For those who have been following REZZ since the early stages, Certain Kind Of Magic will appear profound, and as a bold leap in an already promising career of the young producer who continues to prove herself time and time again. It’s the REZZ album that I’ve been waiting for — that is, an album which is cohesive and complete, a 27:20-minute composition rather than a collection of individual productions. It tells a story, both as an album and overarching as the realization of her entire career thus far, building on each previous release. REZZ is an artist who isn’t concerned with fleeting fame, or what’s happening to her left or to her right, instead always fixated towards the future. She has rejected the notion that she must adhere not to a single genre, but to the construct of genres themselves. I’ve been saying for a while, “this is only the beginning” – with Certain Kind Of Magic, REZZ hits her stride and moves into the next evolution of her career, and the extraordinary.

REZZ’s Certain Kind Of Magic is available now on mau5trap. She will be touring in support of the album this fall, with tickets available now and many dates left to be announced.