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Our favorite space mom is returning to Earth with a brand new album. From humble beginnings over four years ago, REZZ has singlehandedly made her way to the top, claiming her title as a master of the dark arts. We’ve seen a handful of EPs and a stellar album release from the midtempo manipulator, and now we’re in for more sonic madness. REZZ has announced her forthcoming album Certain Kind of Magic due August 3rd via mau5trap. In addition to her mind-bending solo tracks, REZZ has tapped artists such as 1788-L, Deathpact, Kotek, 13, and Fytch for the new album.

Certain Kind of Magic follows REZZ’s 2017 debut album Mass Manipulation which stole the hearts (and souls) of fans around the world. We praised this album for its ability to express her voice effortlessly, communicating the inspiration behind the entire REZZ project through her wicked production. Now, REZZ is beginning a new chapter in her journey with an arsenal of state-of-the-art tunes.

“I came up with the title ‘Certain Kind of Magic’ first,” she said. “After I did that, I began making music and it was all fitting the ‘magic’ theme. I also realized how I carry myself on stage is kind of like a magician in a way. It looks like I’m casting spells on people or something…”

The first single off the album, titled “Witching Hour,” was scheduled to release on Friday, June 8th, but REZZ decided to drop it mega early — listen below.


1. Witching Hour
2. H E X (with 1788-L)
3. Flying Octopus
4. Life & Death (with Deathpact)
5. Spider On The Moon
6. Teleportal (with Kotek)
7. The Crazy Ones (with 13)
8. Toxin (with Fytch)

Photo: William Selviz