This is our story...

REZZ has been giving us a taste of her Mass Manipulation album over the last new weeks revealing a new song every Friday, and finally, today the Internet has been blessed with all eight utterly sci-fi-tastic tracks. There’s an overall feeling of something ominous lurking around every corner of this fantastically dark record, on tracks like “Green Gusher” or “Premonition” with knodis, we get the more melodic, spooky-funk take on the creep-vibe. But on tracks like “Synesthesia” or “Drugs” with 13, the creep-factor is pummeling us with tension-building glitches and relentless basslines.

This is one of those releases that totally ties together a brand and narrative in a truly poetic way – the full capacity and scope of REZZ has been fully revealed with Mass Manipulation, hear for yourself below.