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Rexx Life Raj combines avenues of soul and hip-hop to capture the essence of the Bay Area with each release. In addition to his recent Father Figure 2: Flourish album, the Berkeley, CA artist has also worked with the likes of JULiA LEWiS, P-Lo, and Alex Wiley. Raj concluded 2017 with both a performance at ComplexCon and his first sold-out headlining show at The New Parrish in Oakland, CA.

Following videos for “Where I Belong” and “Level Up,” Raj returns with the visuals for “Not My Friend.” The track from FF2 finds Raj battling loneliness as he becomes more successful and realizes not everyone has the best intentions. Raj details his search for his true friends over production from a stacked roster of talent including Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd, Ian McKee, Wax Roof, and Cisco Cortez. Directed by David Dutton, the colorful video features Raj as he channels effortless verses and an explosive hook to the trailing faces that pass by.

Dutton also shared his insight on the video:

After hearing “Not My Friend” for the first time I noticed its distinct bare beat in the verses and melancholy lyrics and immediately thought of a guy telling his story with a world of people around him moving about their business, ignoring others, and never quite interacting with Raj despite their proximity.
I saw an old short film in film school where a room got filled with people on a path and they looped and never collided with each other. I wish I remembered the director’s name, but it was from the ’60s and it was a long Eastern European name. But this project seemed perfect to try it out. Our goal was to have Raj centered and shoot a solid performance, and then have a growing chaos of people looping in and out around him.

Check out the video for “Not My Friend” above.