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Bicep are back with their first multitrack release in over a year, Just. The three-track EP on Will Saul’s Aus Music features the title track recently premiered on Boiler Room along with two additional new ones to bolster the duo’s increasingly impressive catalogue.

Bicep is one of those names we don’t see very often. Highly regarded by both fans and artists alike, their releases are rare occurrences that come and go as swiftly as the clock’s hand ticks. For fans of the London-based producers, it’s never about the hype or the drop but about finding comfort in the simplicity of their work. Bicep have found a niche in the underground, not just in sound but ethos as well.

The EP opens up with some casual dance vibes in the title track. Rhythm-heavy, “Just” has a breakbeat backbone that builds into a tense and dark rave jeweled with Bicep’s catchy melodic riff. The Londoners create an ambient escape in “Celeste”, incorporating jazzy undertones, warm piano keys, and angelic vocals—sampled from Thievery Corporation’s “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”—into the track’s spirited hand-drum work. As the song’s elements come together, they form a psych-trance tribal soundscape that flows with the allure and fluidity of billowing smoke.

“Back 2 U”, the third and final track, is a sonic tranz dub journey with a gentle current reminiscent of 90s trance. You can jump to Beatport to hear the full song, as well as the instrumental version, as you’ll only find a preview on the Soundcloud sampler.

Stream this very beautiful and therapeutic EP from Bicep below.

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