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In the midst of festival season and summertime parties, it’s necessary to spend some time taking it slow. That’s why we’re in love with the new EP from Restless Modern, who crafts four soul-cleansing songs made for easy listening.

Somebody Needed to Tell Me to Believe in Myself is Restless Modern’s first EP of the year and another stunning effort from the producer, revealing his wounds through alt-rock-adjacent vocals and soft electronic production. Each track clocks in around three minutes long, giving Restless Modern just enough time to immerse the listener in a melancholy yet comforting soundscape. If we had to pick one song to highlight this entire release, “Recurring Thoughts” takes the crown — these vocals remind me of the bands I listened to all throughout middle and high school to find solace, but he couples his pristine singing voice with somber melodies and a generally wistful production. It’s like being wrapped up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea on a cold evening — experience Somebody Needed to Tell Me to Believe in Myself below.