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Pioneered by experimental emperors Point Point, the fourth Filet Mignon compilation arrives today on the French trio’s label Record Record. Since the beginning of the group, the compilations, and the label, Point Point have been pushing the envelope of sound. Refusing to stick to trends and accept things as they are, the group (once four Frenchmen including LH4L, now three: Nömak, Devoted To God, and AAZAR) has put together a wide range of tunes from a wide range of artists.

From front to back, the compilation flows through a number of genres, though each has its place within the larger sound. Nömak brings us a weird, funky house flip of Brandy’s R&B tune “What About Us”, BeazyTymes hits us with a quick-moving track to put our head in 12 different places at once with “Get Hit”, and the Mongolian brothers of Araatan team up with Amra to create a bright-yet-heavy anthem in “Zereglee”.

A definite standout from the compilation, though, comes from NEST HQ favorite Masayoshi Iimori and his frequency-variant bruiser “Down”. With heavy subs and quirky percussion throughout, pitch-changing vocal samples bring us through a myriad of rhythms and styles in one cohesive track.

You can stream the entire compilation below via Record Record’s SoundCloud, and snag all 15 songs on iTunes for just six bucks. Be sure to follow Point Point on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook for more tunes from them and all their friends.

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