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Paired with red, Ravyn Lenae performed “Sticky” off of her most recent Crush EP for Berlin’s COLORS online music platform. 

Lenae began writing music in middle school, and since then has been on a poetic soul journey to being a current neo-soul icon. She independently debuted her Moon Shoes EP in 2015, which soon after landed her a record deal with Atlantic Records. Following suit, she joined SZA’s ‘Ctrl Tour’ and Noname’s ‘Telefone Tour’ as the opening act. Lenae’s obvious talent and infectious voice have been paving her path ever since. 

Her performance of “Sticky” is as smooth as it is sultry; her entire vibe wraps around you like silk as she sings. Alongside this, there’s her incredible voice control and ability to be gut-full while also airy and playful — hence why red was the obvious choice for the jazzy-meets-electro feel that is “Sticky.”

Watch Ravyn Lenae’s COLORS performance above.