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If you’ve been watching the American political race, you’re probably as distraught as I am. Each candidate has their own strengths and weaknesses, but it feels like the reality weighs heavier on the latter end of that spectrum. There’s no questioning the pull and galvanization one candidate has brought to our country, however, and the artists who support him have partnered up to show their appreciation and support. This is the¬†RAVEFORBERNIE¬†compilation, a music-driven campaign in support of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Organized by Molly Hankins, Robby Engle, and Tommie Sunshine, the release features work from artists like Bassnectar, Champagne Drip, Justin Martin, CobraStarship, and eight other influential artists in the dance and electronic world. Each song title has a relevant meaning to the campaign and the Rave For Bernie movement. On the compilation and the campaign, Molly Hankins regards:

Rave For Bernie is part of the grassroots movement to elect Bernie President. The dance music community in the US is large enough to decide this election if we all get out and vote. So many artists were inspired to get involved with the movement we decided to include them all in a compilation for free DL with the option to donate to Bernie’s campaign.

In an interview with, Bassnectar, who is an adamant Bernie supporter, had this to say in regards to the Presidential hopeful and what he’d do if he got the chance to spend a day with him:

I would love to visit with him about a zillion issues, specifically gun control, ending corporate personhood, improving public safety at schools and malls and homes: we should continue to lead by example and work generously with our neighboring countries, but we should spend a lot more time at home, building our infrastructure, investing in things like health and well being & family (aka education, medicine, science, technology, quality of life, public safety) – so I would like to visit him. I don’t think I would just “take him to do something” – although maybe we would go visit the aquarium…

Check the full compilation below and find more about the Rave For Bernie campaign on Facebook. If you, too, support the Presidential candidate, you can donate to his campaign here.

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