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Photo: EMP Media

Happy hardcore lovers can now rejoice: Gammer has finally unleashed his high-energy flip of Ran-D’s raw hardstyle tune “Zombie.” We’ve heard Gammer drop this tune in his sets for months on end, and he’s even joked about it never coming out after countless questioning. It’s the perfect tune to close one of his rambunctious DJ sets, and now you can own it for yourself.

The energy was already alive and well in the original tune, but Gammer sped this up to 170 BPM and added one of his signature donks to the mix. Now that this tune’s finally out, we’re even more stoked to see him come back to Southern California for his performance at Crush SoCal on February 16th. Along with Gammer’s flip, Ran-D also released Bassjackers’ remix of the tune — buckle up and check it out below.