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LA artist RAGS makes his NEST IV debut with the (Gremlins) EP — three imaginative approaches to bass music which pair heavy club styles with catchy melodies and dynamic rhythms.

EP opener, “Play Dead” sets the tone of the release with lush, pulsing synth waves gliding under guest vocalist Angelina Lucero’s dreamy crooning before the track breaks into a bright explosion of colorful noise.

If “Play Dead” was the drive to the club, “Your Love” is walking through the main room doors — it’s loud and rowdy, yet still makes room for atmospheric chords and tones.

Closing track, “Arpeg[0]” stands out like a vivid dream (probably set in a magical forest at night), with featured vocalist Salamanda pouring his soul into one of the releases most memorable instrumentals — resulting in something reminiscent of Thom Yorke singing over a Bjork track — in other words it’s really really rad.

Check the full preview of RAGS’ (Gremlins) EP below, grab the download through NEST IV, and show RAGS some love on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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