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If you’ve ever wondered what keeps me going through the day, it’s artists like quickly, quickly. The heavily inspired jazz and hip-hop beats of the young 16-year-old Portlander and member of the UK label Treehouse Vibes are some of the best in the unspoken game. He didn’t always go the jazz route, though, pushing trap-oriented beats like “wtf” and the bouncier “Best I Ever Had” remix with nauuda earlier last year. Either way, whatever he touches turns to pure gold, be it old school or nu school beats.

His latest, “hushed”, is more of that fusion I love from his softer stuff. It’s the kind of music you want to play as background jazz but can’t help paying full attention to. Piano riffs as pure and innocent as freshly fallen snow; beats heavier than a 550 ton rain cloud. It’s a juxtaposition made in musical heaven.

Listen to “hushed” below and find more of quickly, quickly on SoundCloud and Twitter. He promises to “release some more music soon! hang in there!”

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