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Last week, NEST favorite and Portland native quickly, quickly hit the production grind for a good cause.

In support of the relief efforts for the fire that is ravaging the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, quickly has paired his latest musical effort “gorge” with a few links to donate to Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the Red Cross, and Cascade Locks Fire and EMS. The song itself is a beautiful ballad that feels both somber and uplifting at the same time. quickly left some words on the efforts:

the columbia gorge is something very dear to everyone who lives in oregon. with all the craziness in the world, it hurts to see something so special to us all burn before our eyes. not only is this fire devastating to the columbia gorge, but it also affects the thousands who live near/in the zone of the fire. if you are interested in donating money/supplies in this time of need, i have listed a few organizations that are working hard to help restore the this beautiful area to its former glory.

You can donate to the efforts at the link below. Listen to “gorge” now

Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Red Cross
Cascade Locks Fire and EMS

photo by quickly, quickly

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