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There’s a maturity to the sound of Portland-based producer quickly, quickly that makes it difficult to believe he’s just 16 years old. Using elements of jazz, hip hop, and R&B, quickly quickly weaves a tapestry of wispy productions that feel equally inspired by the dusty drums of early ’90s boom bap as they do by the whimsical electronics of head-turning contemporaries like Tennyson. And while he’s proven his capabilities in the hard beats realm (“maserati”), quickly, quickly’s strengths and focus lie well within his softer offerings where his aptitude on the piano, among other instruments, is front and center.

Records like “trilogy” are where it all comes together for quickly, quickly. Taking over on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and piano, he offers insight into a greater understanding of musicality. There’s time devoted to each audible layer and it shows; even the rainy textures beneath sparse piano tell a story within the overall journey of the song. “hushed” follows a similar pattern, and, as my colleague Nathan wrote a few months back, is “the kind of music you want to play as background jazz but can’t help paying full attention to.” His most recent release — a linkup with Australia’s ANH titled “Contrast” — acts as the second preview (after “Preach”) to the pair’s upcoming collaborative EP, where we’re opened up to a new world of possibilities as quickly, quickly’s increasingly crystallized sound blends with the strengths of other co-writers.

It’s still very early days for the teenage producer, but the writing is clearly on the wall when it comes to quickly, quickly’s abilities as an individual creator and musician. Dig into our Artist Spotlight playlist on him below.

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