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Qrion is a bit of a quiet storm, much like the northernmost island of Japan from which she hails. Her productions are often steady, with the capacity to bury one’s self in the many layers of rich harmonies which are as plentiful and natural as the snowfall. Yet, at the same time are always building with a sense of childlike joy towards the warm and heartfelt break of Spring. The juxtaposition of sensations and emotions that Qrion effortlessly creates is but one of the many remarkable qualities that have contributed to her gradual rise in North America.

The now San Francisco-based producer has linked up with the Moving Castle crew for a contemplative yet dance floor friendly original release with her Just a Part of Life EP. The two-track release consists of the spell-binding and euphoric “Hush” and on the B-side explores gentle, indie-dance territories with “T&C.” She’s traded in the traditional Japanese bells and wind chimes for a multi-colored xylophone, alongside plenty of soft-spoken wooden percussive instruments and synthwave melodies. The sense of juxtaposition we’ve previously seen from her is still present, but now feels more reflective of her new home in the spirits of the mountains, the forests, and the rivers of Northern California.

On her Facebook, she talks of the release, “I wrote these songs in different places, in Vancouver when I had a show there, and in my home in San Francisco. Each song has so many memories, the views and people around me, and my feelings during those times. So these are my memorial, any they hold so much nostalgia.” Furthermore, she says, “I really hope my songs become other people’s memorial also. Like when you listen to it, maybe you feel something. And a few months later, or longer, these songs will hopefully be a part of your life too. <3”

Stream Qrion’s Just a Part of Life below or purchase the release via iTunes.