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Today marks the debut release from the faceless new American duo known as PURGE, who link up with NEST for two dark-tinged bass singles in “Feel Your Love” and “Hit Em”. Technically sound and sonically adventurous, PURGE’s maiden EP depicts a commitment to approaching bass music without bounds or constructs — a value the guys promise to appropriate to all output with the project moving forward. As for PURGE’s veil of anonymity, the guys explain —

We don’t hide our faces to be anonymous. We hide them because who we are doesn’t matter. What matters is the music we’re releasing and the emotions that come from it. It’s all about the music, and always will be.

Ultimately PURGE vow to take a rebellious stance toward electronic music, and Feel Your Love represents the duo’s firm first step in that objective. The producers see pioneering genre-benders like Justice and Flume as torchbearers for their creative attitude, which they aim to implement in their own atypical direction.

What can we expect from PURGE moving forward? We can’t say for sure. But if they continue on with quality like the bass in this EP, we won’t be surprised to see some big moves from the new duo in 2017.

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