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Sleeping on New York-based producer Voia in 2016 could very well be one of your biggest mistakes this year. His latest track “eeelixir!” is the type of song that noticeably catches you off guard a little more each time, unravelling something seemingly ever-developing. Uniquely combining enriching self-made vocals and an effortlessly beautiful synth-pop soundscape, Voia, teaming up with Madnap, manages to create a vast and fulfilling world in a mere five minutes.

Premiered through NEST HQ, “eeelixir!” is the first single off Voia’s debut album, futuresong, set for release in 2016 through US-based label Attack the Music. Pulling inspiration from artists like Japanese idol group Perfume and San Francisco power-duo The M Machine, “eeelixir!” finds its footing as a definitive standout track as we continue to launch straight through 2016. Speaking to Voia, he shared the creative process that went into the song:

This song, eeelixir, is about Voia, the main character of the album, who is a fighting robot sent from the future to change his past and save humanity, but loses his memory and is constantly trying to figure out his purpose. In a desperate time, he reaches out to the memories of his best friend, Lumin, for strength found in their faith in each other. Madnap joins with contributions to production as well as backing vocals. :)

Voia can be found on SoundCloud and Twitter, and “eeelixir!” is available for purchase through Attack the Music’s Bandcamp.

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