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20-year-old producer, Robert Hughes, was once known to the world solely by his mysterious production moniker, XVII, but in 2015, the Winnipeg-based musician opted to lift the veil on his creative output and rebrand himself publicly to the world as Vincent. Following hugely well received remixes for Alison Wonderland, Flume, and most recently, Alessia Cara, Vincent comes back strong with a crunchy trap original that makes fine usage of the chorus of The Weeknd’s BBTM standout, “The Hills“.

Vincent’s “Only” is wholly representative of the young creative’s talents. His inventive application and complete repositioning of a pitched up Abel Tesfaye takes the possibility of labeling this as a remix completely out of the equation, and his unmissable, ground-shaking drops reveal an awareness of crowd energy redolent of a young RL. With continued output like “Only” and his expanding arsenal of high profile remixes, Vincent should easily follow a trajectory to exponential success.

Listen to “Only” below and find more from Vincent on Soundcloud.

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