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We love ToBY‘s distinctly emo, proprietary blend of trip-hop and ambient sounds that act as a booster for his addictive rhymes, which consistently build energy up throughout the track. His latest “Loveblind” with The KUDA Live Band has a hopeful, crispy percussive beat with bright synths and background vocals contrasted by ToBy’s sad boy lyrics that viscerally channels the loneliness of the modern, technological condition.

“‘Loveblind’ is what came about when I was reminiscing on a past relationship and confronting some of the hard truths about my behavior and the way I thought about love and what it does to/for people,” ToBy explained. Although relationships are always a go-to source of inspiration for lyrics, many themes in his music come from the most unexpected places. “The song is inspired by an Italian airline commercial that had a really beautiful rendition of ‘Volare’ playing in the background.” He has another KUDA collab about Trader Joe’s that’s just as feels-y and organically inspired as “Loveblind” – don’t miss either.