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It was right around February of this year that UK producer, Titeknots, came onto our radar with his refreshing brand of piano-laden House music on Brighton-based label, Tru Thoughts. There was an attractive imperfection with his production that deviated from the flawlessness of most dance music — a rare human feel in a world of over-precise electronics.

Now, almost half a year later, Titeknots is returning to Tru Thoughts with an all new EP, All Talk // So Natural, that, once again, showcases a rough and edgy feel with well-versed instrumentation. The producer elaborates on his process, “I try and blur the lines between samples and original material, treating my own played parts like they’re chopped out of an old record, so that listeners can’t tell.”

In “So Natural,” Titeknots leans heavily on his piano with snappy chord movement along with a soulful female vocal that feels out of this era. The attention to detail is impeccable with everything in its right place — even the sampled chirping birds find an integral role in the overall vibe of the track.

With heaps of support already in from the likes of DJ Zinc, Tensnake, and Todd Edwards, we’re expecting Titeknots’ attractively fallible brand of House music to continue to wow us with releases like All Talk // So Natural. Listen to “So Natural” below and pick up the double A-side EP on August 4th.

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