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The innovative new project from The Upbeats has arrived, and we’ve got the exclusive listen for one its most exciting cuts. Completely crowd-funded by fans via Kickstarter, their forthcoming No Sleep Til… project finds the duo traveling to different countries to collaborate with fellow producers face to face, taking inspiration from new territories for an ultra-fresh take. The entire project has reached its funding goal, and the guys are rolling out the new tunes immediately. Beginning in Japan, The Upbeats linked up with Tokyo’s DJ Kentaro and Goth-Trad along with longtime friends and collaborators, Noisia, for “Long Shadows.”

Dangerous and destructive, “Long Shadows” represents the collaborative efforts of each artist into a razor-sharp halftime dinger. The production’s tight, juicy basses cut deep through the track’s wobbly distortion like a menacing blade, working together for a spicy neurofunk composition. Sometimes things get a little too complicated with so many artists on one track, but this one’s downright simple in the best way thanks to each artist committing to one common goal: a straightforward earworm.

Stream “Long Shadows” below and keep your ear to the ground for more new music from The Upbeats’ new project, which will feature Halogenix, Culture Shock, and more on October 5th.

For more information on the project, check out the pitch:

“If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with our music, and that we’ve always tried to do something a little outside of the box – and that you like what we’ve done so far. So, first up: thank you so much for your support over the years. Without it, we couldn’t keep pushing our own limits, in search of new musical frontiers.

This Kickstarter is to help us continue our search for the new. We want to go somewhere new, do something new, make something new in a way that hasn’t been done before. So, we’re going to Japan and Iceland! We’re inviting some of the the best producers we know to join us, plus some local legends, to take inspiration from the surroundings, and collaborate on a 4-track EP. And visit some hot springs. And we want to make a short documentary to chronicle the whole process for you to see. Thanks to generous funding from Creative NZ, we have some of the budget covered already. We just need a litttttttle bit of help with the remaining costs so we can make this happen.”