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The Crystal Method are right up there with The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Soulwax, and Justice as one of the most influential rock-electronic crossover acts of all time who inspired me to blow off real life and become a professional rock ‘n roll raver, so I am beyond stoked to be premiering The Crystal Method’s Future Method remix of “Busy Child.” This rework as been “trailer-ized” as Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method explained, and thus the perfect intro for anyone who’s not gone down the rabbit hole of their discography yet – it’s a wild, heavy, and highly sensual ride often at warp speed.

The other half of the band, Ken Jordan, retired last year, and it seems like Scott’s been keeping busy making some of the most alchemic music I’ve heard in ages in his mad scientist’s laboratory of a studio. The amount of gear The Crystal Method uses to make music is positively insane, pictured below is just one of several rooms in his recording space and it’s more stuff than most professional musicians will ever own over the course of their lifetime. Much more than equipment, Scott has collected such an insane wealth of experience the past 20+ years his perspective is unbelievably refreshing. “We seem to think everything needs a genre, we have to know where everything goes whatever it is,” he explained when I asked him to describe the sound of the “Busy Child” remix. “If your parents don’t like it, if it’s loud, if it’s got all the energy, that’s it.” We couldn’t agree more, in the words of Mijafk a genre.”

“I re-stemmed ‘Busy Child’ cause back in those days when were doing Vegas [the 1997 album it came out on], a lot of the stuff was just running MIDI live and you were recording those live channels to the two-track then you’d record that as your final mix. But now everything is audio, everything’s in the computer. Years and years ago someone asked me if I’d ever remix one of my own songs and I was like what the fuck, I already did it once!” Obviously his policy on remixing The Crystal Method’s own tracks has softened over the years because today the Internet has been blessed with what Scott calls the Future Method remix. “It’s been trailer-ized in a sense, my engineer Glen does movie trailers, so I thought I’d use that to say Crystal Method’s back.” He went on to say, “I like that it’s not easy to label, really you’re just supposed to listen to music and have it affect you positively or negatively, and get you motivated. We used to say ‘our music is like a nice salsa, chunky and full of flavor with a little bit of spice,’ but this track is more like a full nacho platter with a big, bad side of fuck yeah sauce.” Someone please brand and market “fuck yeah sauce” and send Scott royalty checks – I feel like he really deserves it for that legendary metaphor.

Currently The Crystal Method is on the road playing tour dates with Tool, and when I asked Scott how those crowds received their music his answer was refreshingly awesome. “So many people have come up to me and said ‘you guys are the first band to turn me onto electronic music,’ that makes me feel like an ambassador or a weird uncle, older producer who’s been around and seen the up and down. It’s the greatest compliment we could ever receive cause I come from the same thing, I came from heavy metal and rock,” he muses. “I love the idea of being a bridge for someone to expand their palate of music because I think music’s such a powerful thing that can help lift you up. I have a playlist called Scott Needs Help of tracks that will never let me down packed with tracks that give me goosebumps. I can put that on, start singing along, and I forget my dog died or I got a parking ticket or whatever.” You’re about to forget your own name blasting off on “Busy Child” 2.0 right now, strap in and enjoy the Future Method world premiere.