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It’s always nice to see worlds converging when it comes to the sounds of rock and dance — two massive areas of music that don’t often cross paths. We’ve seen some pretty awesome examples of this happening over the last few years, with Skrillex, Ty Acord, aka lophiile (of the band Issues), and more recently, TAPE, a duo formed by Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley and SF based artist Josh Hurley.

Today we’re stoked to be bringing you the premiere of the video for TAPE’s “Synthetic” single, directed by Brandon Dermer (who you may know from his work on directing Kill the Noise’s “I Do Coke” video). The resulting piece is a breezy journey through surreal encounters and sunset soaked synth textures. Check the video along with Keith and Brandon’s words on the project below:

Keith Buckley:
The first incarnation of TAPE appeared almost 5 years ago when SF based producer Josh Hurley and I decided that we wanted to make something drastically different from what we had both been used to making. For years we sent demos back and forth trying to get the image to match the idea we had for something sexy and nostalgic and hook-laden but once we finally got in a room with Daryl Palumbo and TJ Penzone (Soft Noise Production) in their Long Island studio late 2014, we discovered TAPE as it was always meant to be. we deconstructed and rebuilt 10 songs in 10 days like they had been waiting for us to let them out of a cage (5 of them appear on the BODIES EP). When I showed the songs to Brandon, he seemed to get it immediately and the video concept, like the music, almost wrote itself. Lyrically, “Synthetic” is about desire luring something desirable out of nothingness and we decided that for that idea to be conveyed appropriately we should write something that felt more like a short film instead of a “music video”. His unique eye and understanding brought it to life perfectly. We’ve been very patient but now I’m excited for these songs to be heard.

Brandon Dermer:
I echo Keith on the process of creating this music video. The music set a tone and a aesthetic in my head before I wrote down a single word. I need to give a big shout out to Marissa Newacheck who conceptualized our lead, Whitney Moore’s, hair. When I was searching for inspiration I came across my friend and fellow creator Rachel Finley aka Steak’s on Instagram and saw a photo of her with these green braids that felt other worldly to me. I immediately reached out to her to find out who styled her hair for the photo and she put me in touch with Marissa. From that point on, the story and the production really started to move full speed ahead. Also, it should be noted that over the passed year or so Keith and I have collaborated on several endeavors, including 2 Comedy Central shorts and a television show we are developing… more to come!

TAPE’s BODIES EP is out now on iTunes.