This is our story...

French producer Sylvain Picart has been slowly introducing us to his world of broken time and detuned pianos over the last couple of months – an introduction propelled forward by a steady stream of wondrous releases both on labels like Record Record and on his own accord. Today, Sylvain has released “november 7” off of his new four-track _space_ EP to the public and has placed the full project up for free download on his website.

“November 7” is a song about destruction and construction. Moments of the record are beautiful and whole, and there are wisps of what could be as piano riffs roll and cut between jagged hills of percussion. At the same time, these lines of beauty are pulled apart thread by thread, and rewoven into wooly cloths of texture and detune. That rough, thick sonic blanket is softly laid over broken glass-like drum lines, effectively making it safe to proceed over the sharp terrain. Sylvain is a master of texture.

Make sure to grab the full EP on his website, and if you’re in Paris and would like to see Sylvain perform, he will be playing a live show in a small apartment on Saturday, June 16th, more info here.