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While Joe Nice is the U.S. ambassador for dubstep, many regard Starkey as the ambassador for grime in America, importing and promoting the British hip-hop sound across the pond via Philadelphia since 2005. He was the only American producer chosen for Mary Ann Hobbs’ 2008 “Generation Bass” series on BBC Radio 1 for his efforts in developing and growing the global acceptance of grime.

A producer himself, Starkey has released on labels like Ninja Tune, Planet Mu, Alpha Pup, and many others. He has co-owned Seclusiasis with Dev79 since 2001, and Slit Jockey Records with Gair Dev79 and Aaron El Carnicero since 2005. As a DJ, he’s toured the world for over a decade, and, in the Fall of 2016, he will embark on what he has dubbed the All Grime Tour.

The All Grime Tour will showcase Starkey’s “11 years in the grime scene from both sides of the Atlantic,” including new releases and his forthcoming record with Saturate Records. To kick off the upcoming festivities, he’s crafted a 98-track mix featuring his favorite selections and a bit more.

When putting together this mix, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite grime records over the years, as well as nod to some sounds that maybe stretch the definition of grime; something I’ve always been a fan of with my production.

Without further ado, Starkey and NEST HQ present Grime & Beyond 2016…


Starkey’s Grime & Beyond Mix Tracklisting:
01 Celestial Trax ‘Secrets’
02 Bios ‘Stomp’
03 DJ Charmzy ‘Banger’
04 P Jam ‘Disturbed’
05 Skepta ‘Man(Gang)’
06 L.A.S. ‘V.I.P.’
07 MRK1 ‘Daywalker’
08 Allout Crew ‘ Regular’
09 Wonder & Kano ‘What Have U Done’
10 Sh?m ‘Underground’
11 Starkey ‘DPMO ft Trim’
12 MRK1 ‘Ready For Love’
13 Low Deep ‘Str8flush’
14 Emalkay ‘Stinger’
15 Commodo ‘Set It Straight’
16 Sukh Knight ‘Cop Killer’
17 Terror Danjah ‘Horror Story’
18 Jammer ‘Fire Hydrant Remix’
19 Starkey ‘Screwed On ft D Double E’
20 Macabre Unit ‘It’s Alive’
21 AJ Tracey ‘Str8’
22 Sully ‘Arco’
23 True Tiger ‘Bareface What’
24 DPM ‘Slow VIP’
25 J-Sweet ‘Can’t Stop My Grime (Starkey Remix ft Virus Syndicate)’
26 Taz Buckfaster ‘Future Funk’
27 Rude Kid ‘The Best’
28 Merky Ace ‘Polyphonic Ringtone’
29 DS1 ‘Nether Edge’
30 DS1 ‘Addicted ft Coco’
31 DJ Cable ‘Do Some Work (Devil Mix)’
32 DJ Cable ft Scrufizzer ‘Do Some Work’
33 Starkey ‘Blood Roses’
34 G Jones ‘This Record’
35 Phra ‘BBC34’
36 Wwwings ‘Afflication’
37 v1984 ‘Synchronized Joy and Sorrow’
38 Zomby ‘With Lazers’
39 Commodo ‘My Liege’
40 JD Reid ‘Roshi ft D Double E’
41 2nd II None ‘Waterfalls’
42 Starkey ‘OK Luv ft Badness’
43 Wonder ‘What’
44 Digital Mystikz ‘Haunted’
45 Starkey ‘Tropical’
46 Bios ‘Ashki Chronicles’
47 Wiley ‘Sidewinder’
48 Scratchy ‘Stick a Pin’
49 Chase & Status ft Roll Deep ‘Top Shotta’
50 Annoy ‘Down’
51 Various Productions ‘Pintman’
52 Darq E Freaker ‘2C-I’
53 Zeke Beats ‘BDSM’
54 Coki ‘Spongebob’
54 Coki ‘Spongebob’
55 Rossi B & Luca x Lenkemz ‘Send Back Duppy ft Killa P’
56 Star Eyes ‘Dreamscape’
57 Alfred English ‘Piston (Patrick Brian Remix)’
58 Hitman ‘Ding Dong (Spooky Remix)’
59 Starkey ‘Command ft Trim & Roachee’
60 Sh?m ‘Mob Boss’
61 Black Ops ‘Hoods Up’
62 Loom ‘Tracksuit’
63 Professor J-S ‘Can’t Sleep’
64 Spooky ‘Peach Melba’
65 J-Sweet ‘Kurb’
66 Sx ‘Wooo Riddim (P-Money Freestyle)’
67 Commodo ‘How Dare You’
68 Dizzee Rascal ‘I Luv U’
69 Jon E Cash ‘All About the Sex’
70 Ghst Ghst Ghst ‘Ice Igloo’
71 Footsie ‘On Dis Ting (Conrank Remix)’
72 Macabre Unit ‘Fandango’
73 Wings ‘Glacial’
74 Mojo Goro ‘Pure Spirit’
75 Logos ‘Marked 4 Death Gun Man’
76 Starkey ‘Apsis’
77 SRC ‘Tokyo Central’
78 Wiley ‘My Mistakes (Starkey Remix)’
79 Tempa T ‘Next Hype’
80 Spooky ‘Danger Zone’
81 Ashburner ‘Creeper’
82 J Beatz ‘Sour Diesele’
83 JME ‘P’
84 Tony Goods ‘Tron 2k6’
85 Art of Noise ‘Moments in Love (Caspa Remix)’
86 Distal ‘Braves Win’
87 DPM ‘Juke Ya Girl (Kingdom Remix)’
88 Grrl ‘Whoa’
89 Akala ‘Roll Wid Us (Dexplicit Remix)’
90 Dave & AJ Tracey ‘Thiago Silva’
91 Zomby ‘Laser Gaze’
92 Gage ‘Hyphen’
93 G Jones & Bleep Bloop ‘MF’
94 Andy Stott ‘Selfish’
95 Black Ops ‘40Hz Reversed’
96 S.N.O ‘Red Alert’
97 Loom ‘Fractured Light’
98 Starkey ‘Arches’

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