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There aren’t too many folks in music who find equal respect from the Los Angeles hip hop community as well as the Berlin techno scene, but over the years, the multifaceted producer known as Salva has been able to stick to his guns when it comes to his diverse musical tendencies. This has prepared a rare allowance for a collaboration with Boys Noize to follow a full rap mixtape featuring Young Thug, Schoolboy Q, and Problem, all while feeling wholly natural and 100% Salva.

In honor of ten years of BOYSNOIZE Records this year, Salva has linked up with the Berlin-based imprint to deliver a rowdy megamix featuring many records from the label’s illustrious catalog. In a move away from standard, linear megamixes, Salva has intricately layered this half an hour of music in a unique format, playing bits and pieces from multiple songs at once and teasing elements and stems throughout the entirety of the mix.

No official tracklist here, but you’ll be sure to hear Salva’s ace remix of Boys Noize’s “Push Em Up” as well as the guys’ recent sample-based collaboration, “Choo Choo“.

Stream below via Spotify and find more #BNR10YR treats on Soundcloud.