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Ryuki Miyamoto and Blacklolita are two Japan-based NEST favorites who we predicted might be showing up on Tokyo’s TREKKIE TRAX in the new future; and here we are. The two of them, along with fellow rising star, OSHIRIJIMA, are officially releasing on the renowned label as part of the #LΛNCHR EP.

Today we’re giving you the first taste of the upcoming six pack set via Ryuki and Blacklolita’s “Secret Weapon” collab. This track showcases a really clever fusion of Dog Blood’s new school rave and Ghastly’s aggressive house styles. Its a warping, winding rollercoaster of a club anthem that belongs in setlists worldwide.

Check “Secret Weapon” below, GRAB THE FREE DOWNLOAD OMG, and keep up with TREKKIE TRAX on SoundCloud and Twitter for more from the #LΛNCHR EP, out August 26.

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