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A few weeks back, we shined our Artist Spotlight series on a producer and DJ named Parv0, whose journey to the position he’s in now is an incredible story of achieving your dreams through sheer dedication and the spirit of collaboration. Even though he’s made quite a name for himself as Ghostemane‘s touring DJ, Parv0’s own productions are enough to propel him to the forefront of the current era of rap-leaning electronic music. His debut S.W.I.M. EP introduced us to his own signature sound, a release that featured artists like Ghostemane and Lil Zubin on top of his emotionally charged production. Today, he’s back with his first track since that EP, and it’s harder than we anticipated.

Parv0 returns with “Spit,” an expertly-crafted tune that showcases Parv0’s ruthless, post-trap, alt-tronic vibe he presents in his own DJ sets. Put this one on when you’re driving in your car without a care in the world, getting ready for a big night out, or when you just want to let loose with a killer beat. We asked Parv0 to give me a quote about the release of this tune, but all I got from him was this: “I like spit.” Fair enough. Check it out below and brace yourself for what’s to come from Parv0 throughout 2019.