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Fresh off the Los Angeles-based TAR label, MIRUKY drops a visceral preview for their upcoming EP due later this year with “GIVE ME THE FREEDOM,” which feels like a culmination of a horror movie mood combined with a colossal halftime sound. Their digital, dystopian themes merge well into the dense, slow-paced rumble of rolling kicks and descending firework shots, amplifying their already cryptic image. MIRUKY makes heavy use of space within the mixing, abusing the pan knob within the punishing electronic stabs. The air of gripping anxiety is magnified by the background synth-work that provides an extra layer of discordant harmony.

Music of this caliber is getting more and more representation through the electronic label TAR, who has been pushing this new and exciting brand of electroacoustic crossover touching a multitude of genres. The crisp, precise production in their sound is part of a growing trend of musicians using the full range of their DAW to build more lush and full sonic landscapes. And despite the inherent abrasiveness of the sound, MIRUKY manages to make something that still grooves and flows naturally between rhythms. “24/7 I am online, surfing the internet,” MIRURKY explains. “Surfing through tons of information which inspires me and reflects in my music.” And in regards to the rationale behind protecting personal identity, they write: “Why am I still anonymous? Because I’m still trying to find myself, I’m like an embryo – there is neither mind, nor temper and nor even sex in me. Day by day I’m building myself by my music and I promise: someday I’ll show myself to you, and we will love each other.” What a vibe, check out “GIVE ME FREEDOM” below.