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Finally someone managed to put into words and song how we’re all feeling at the close of 2018, and I’m personally not surprised it came from up-and-coming singer-songwriter, producer, rapper, and all-around weirdo, Mikey Mike. Today, we’re premiering “Strange Times” off his brand new Life On Earth EP, the prelude to his Life On Earth album, which Mikey told us in an interview last summer will be a singular body of work released in volumes until his dying day. The song itself is a mood every bit as weird as Mikey, boasting a whopping five verses in under three minutes with no chorus beyond a ghostly choir echoing the “Strange Times” sentiment this poetic and tragically relatable track embodies.

Says Mikey about the song, “About three years ago I woke up to the darkest, loudest screeching horn noise coming from the sky in LA. It was so dark I really thought the world might end, this song is about that moment and the confusion within myself that followed.” Perhaps that sound was just a preview of coming attractions on the world stage; the full Life On Earth EP is available on Spotify, which includes a re-release of his summertime power anthem “Cooler” and an official release of one of his oldest songs that appears regularly in his live show, “Cut My Hair.” Check it out below.