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The last major collaboration by B-more club pusher Mighty Mark and TT the Artist was the audaciously memorable “F Trump,” which featured in nest10 VOL 59, and since then the two artists have continued building on their own solo careers. Inevitably, though, the intuitive connection between this production-vocal duo can’t be held back, so when FVLCRVM & Monophobe made their adventurous song “Tape Me,” which has received play from Machinedrum and Big Dope P recently, it’s no wonder TT and Mark were inspired to get back in the studio for this remix.

The resulting remix is a vibey remix that could inspire some good beach play over in the Jersey shore. Unknown rapper Hello Rello brings a flippant verse along with TT the Artist, turning out a package as suited for the car as the club. Still, even this highly-creative remix barely matches the originality behind the original song, which remains an astounding melding of influences and sounds, like a pie filled with flavor.

“Tape Me” is out on September 13th via Moveltraxx, with both vinyl and digital releases.