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Luna Shadows is back with a premiere of her first new release of the year, the sultry albeit dark indietronic-pop ballad “Cheerleader.” This song follows up her Summertime EP, released last year to critical acclaim and millions of eager Spotify plays. In her “Cheerleader” lyrics Luna promises that she will be the one to change the game and we believe her – she’s working on her production chops and the art direction of her brand constantly, and if you follow her the evolution is happening right before your eyes.

She said about the track, “For whatever reason, our society rarely equates femininity, softness, and vulnerability with power, influence, and achievement; this song and its visuals are intended to challenge that idea by suggesting that the game can be won by silently plotting on the sidelines …. I’ve always admired how the moon elegantly & clandestinely controls the tides, from a distance and with an invisible pull. ‘Cheerleader’ is a song for every queen who ever whispered in the ear of a king.” Here’s hoping this is the first of many new releases from Luna Shadows this year as she embarks on her quest to change the game.