This is our story...

We first got hooked on the duo Loud ‘N Killer from the second track off their All or Nothing EP, a totally weird but undeniably beautiful song called “In My Head.” It’s made of future-bass sounds that follow a trap progression with an exotic hook that’s downright soulful and requires the track to be played multiple times in order get it out of your head. Although each track on the EP very much has its own identity, they’ve all got at least a little soul. The opening title track is the closest thing to a pop-song of the lot featuring brassy, infectious vocals from Akylla. The last song “Easy” is anything but – the grating, metallic groove can have the side effect of creating uncontrollable booty-popping. And the vocal never quite satisfies until half way through the track when there’s a break and it finally comes in full-force.

So with no further adieu, here’s All or Nothing – it’s both Loud ‘N Killer.