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As you may have noticed, I usually like to start your mornings off with a gentle, easy premiere that gets you in a productive mood right from the start. Something you can listen to while you take that first sip of tea or coffee as you sit back in your desk chair preparing for a great day. Today’s offering, Kratos Himself’s “Your Body”, arrives from the ambient-focused Youngbloods label.

“Your Body” is the second track off Kratos’ forthcoming 15-track sophomore album Stay True, which will be offered as a powder blue 12″ and features a similar downtempo electronica sound with plenty of pleasant foley. The Dutch artist offered a few words on the release:

“Your Body” is part fun, part reverence: sweet, warm, playful, fantasy-like, and at times a bit messy. Indulging in another’s body, in one another’s bodies, is one avenue of appreciating someone, of getting to know each other. But it can also be selfish. The song itself is looking to contrast something so simple, animalistic, and even shallow with music that is contemplative, introspective, and relaxed when traditionally it is the opposite.

Take a moment to breathe and listen to “Your Body” below. Pre-order the full Stay True album on Bandcamp, and find more of Kratos Himself on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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